We love our beaute-ful mothers here at MMBB, and what better way to celebrate them and their little one than with a gorgeous photo session with the incredible Jennifer Lites Photography!


We all love having pictures around our house! Especially pictures that really capture the love and moments shared between a Mom and her sweet little beaute! Jennifer does such a great job at capturing the love and joy between two people. Don’t believe us? Just check out these pictures!


Want your chance to win a free Mommy and Lil Beaute Photoshoot?

From April 1 to May 13 (Mother’s Day), come in with your Little Beaute for a haircut! The haircut includes shampoo, blowdry and a gorgeous style!


**You do not need to schedule the appointment for the same day as your little one, but both haircuts must be complete by the 13th of May**

After the appointment, you will be entered into a drawing to win the Mommy and Me photo session!

Did we mention you get more than just a photoshoot? You’ll also receive a fun gift package filled with surprise products!

We can’t wait to celebrate Mother’s Day with you!