New Year, New Hair? 2019 is bringing us back to our roots, literally.

This year, we’re going to see a lot of girls go back to their natural hairstyle. According to a Refinery 29 article, the “Dirty Brunette” is in and here to stay! With a more neutral, smoky side rather than super icy or warm shades, the “Dirty Brunette” accomplishes her look by highlighting hair, then applying toner to mellow lifted strands to the lightest of brown shades or darkest of blondes.

The result? Roots are softened, which allows to slow out the grow out process and it allows our Beautes to see a shift in color that complements ALL skin tones the way many full-stop blonding often does not.

We’ve already seen this hairstyle highly requested throughout the past year, and we’re so excited to bring back the “softer side” on so many Beaute’s heads this year! See below some of our favorite “Dirty Brunette” looks of the past!

Screenshot 2019-01-08 19.15.35.png
pasted image 0.png