It's spring, which means it's time to clean out all of your old clothes and bring in the new ones! Or you could just freshen up your life with with a hot and fun new 'do!

We did some research on the hottest trends of spring 2017 to inspire your fresh new look!

It's all about being natural this spring. 

The natural/unnatural look is totally in.Ask your stylist to dye your hair a natural color that can seamlessly blend with your natural root color. It'll totally give you a natural look that you will love!

Looking to do something to make you shine? Go Sunny Side Up!

Everyone loves going blonder as the temperature rises. Ask your stylist to start with a golden blonde base and to add baby blonde highlights toward the ends of your hair. 

Want to rebel and go darker? Chocolate brown is in too.

Going chocolate brown will definitely make your hair look rich and keep the heads turning. Because, honestly, who doesn't love chocolate?

Be hot. Be bold. Go red.

There are tons of redheads killing it in media this spring (I mean, have you seen how awesome Emma Stone is in La La Land). We think you could kill it as a redhead too this spring!

If none of these trends work out for you, go high impact platinum/white hot and call it a day.

This is definitely for the person looking to make a statement at the beach this spring, and we're loving this look.

Or are you looking to chop some hair off?

Try a medium length chopped hair with blunt ends that has been slightly textured. This look is definitely a fun look for the spring, and will look gorgeous in your Easter dresses. 

Are you looking for something shorter?

This sleek assymetrical bob look will keep you looking professional and gorgeous!

Do you have really thick hair?

Heavy fringe with lots of layers looks great on girls with thick hair! And we definitely think this could be some of our Beaute's best friend this spring!

We cannot wait to see what looks all of our Beaute's will be rocking this spring!