Time to go Dirty Brunette!

Time to go Dirty Brunette!

New Year, New Hair? 2019 is bringing us back to our roots, literally.

This year, we’re going to see a lot of girls go back to their natural hairstyle. According to a Refinery 29 article, the “Dirty Brunette” is in and here to stay! With a more neutral, smoky side rather than super icy or warm shades, the “Dirty Brunette” accomplishes her look by highlighting hair, then applying toner to mellow lifted strands to the lightest of brown shades or darkest of blondes.

The result? Roots are softened, which allows to slow out the grow out process and it allows our Beautes to see a shift in color that complements ALL skin tones the way many full-stop blonding often does not.

We’ve already seen this hairstyle highly requested throughout the past year, and we’re so excited to bring back the “softer side” on so many Beaute’s heads this year! See below some of our favorite “Dirty Brunette” looks of the past!

Screenshot 2019-01-08 19.15.35.png
pasted image 0.png

Want to win a photoshoot with your little one? Find out how here!

Want to win a photoshoot with your little one? Find out how here!

We love our beaute-ful mothers here at MMBB, and what better way to celebrate them and their little one than with a gorgeous photo session with the incredible Jennifer Lites Photography!


We all love having pictures around our house! Especially pictures that really capture the love and moments shared between a Mom and her sweet little beaute! Jennifer does such a great job at capturing the love and joy between two people. Don’t believe us? Just check out these pictures!


Want your chance to win a free Mommy and Lil Beaute Photoshoot?

From April 1 to May 13 (Mother’s Day), come in with your Little Beaute for a haircut! The haircut includes shampoo, blowdry and a gorgeous style!


**You do not need to schedule the appointment for the same day as your little one, but both haircuts must be complete by the 13th of May**

After the appointment, you will be entered into a drawing to win the Mommy and Me photo session!

Did we mention you get more than just a photoshoot? You’ll also receive a fun gift package filled with surprise products!

We can’t wait to celebrate Mother’s Day with you!




Need some holiday gift ideas? We got you covered!

Need some holiday gift ideas? We got you covered!

Well Beautes, it is time to get in the holiday spirit! We know that stores are about to get crowded and finding the perfect gift for your friends and family might be challenging, but we have some great Beaute packages to help alleviate some of the stress and make your holiday shopping easy this year!

Pureology Gift Set:


We love Pureology because it’s perfect for every hair type. Whether you’re looking for something to help you with volume, frizz, strength, moisture, hydration, or smoothness, there is a shampoo and conditioner here for you! On top of an incredible shampoo and conditioner, these packages have 3 travel sized products for your holiday trips!

$20 OFF Heat Styling Tools


We’ve been raving about Amika here at MMBB for the past couple of months, and we’re so excited for all of our Beautes to try out these products. To encourage you to try out these fantastic products, we’re giving you $20 off all heat styling tools! Because honestly, we all need a new straightener or blow dryer to bring in the New Year!


You’ll be able to pick all of your presents up here this year!

P.S. If you buy yourself a Christmas present here, we won’t tell anyone!

Ready to have gorgeous summer hair? Then you're ready for Keratin Treatment!

Ready to have gorgeous summer hair? Then you're ready for Keratin Treatment!

Sometimes gorgeous summer hair feels close to impossible with the frizz that Georgia weather brings. However, we have good news for you!

Our Keratin treatment drastically reduces frizz, but this great treatment doesn't stop there. It reverses signs of damage, promotes overall hair strength, and provides a restorative boost. However, it doesn't stop there; it also reduces dry time and allows you to look like you just left the salon every single day.

With our newest formula we can personalize your treatment and go as far as to permanently straighten your hair or could just simply make your curly hair less frizzy. This amazing formula has no down time; you can wash your hair the same day as your service! 

Since your hair loses it's keratin through aging and chemical services, this treatment adds the proteins back to your hair restoring it back to your youthful look. 

This treatment is conducted by first preparing the cuticle and removing surface buildup. This lifts the overlapping layers to allow the treatment to work its way through the hairs cuticle. Then it strengthens the keratin bonds from within, repairing damage, and smoothing the hair shaft. It's finalized with heat, such as with a blow dryer or flat iron, creating the humidity-resistant finish. 

This treatment is safe for all hair types. Our Keratin treatment is free from formaldehyde and aldehydes. 

These truly are life changing just read some reviews from some of our Beautes:
"Keratin is amazing! It makes my usually frizzy hair soft, straight and so smooth. Blow drying is so much quicker and makes my mornings a breeze! I can't live without it!" - Jessica S. 
"Keratin has taken the stress out of styling my unruly hair. I am not one to splurge on extra services but Keratin is worth every penny. Keratin simplifies my blow out and gives my hair a smooth texture without the frizz. I love Keratin!" - Shannon G. 

Here are some of the gorgeous effects this treatment has:

keratin 2.JPG
keratin 1.JPG

Come on in before summer starts to strengthen, smoothen, and reduce frizz for this summer! 

Spring Is Here! Time To Freshen Up Your Look.

Spring Is Here! Time To Freshen Up Your Look.

It's spring, which means it's time to clean out all of your old clothes and bring in the new ones! Or you could just freshen up your life with with a hot and fun new 'do!

We did some research on the hottest trends of spring 2017 to inspire your fresh new look!

It's all about being natural this spring. 

The natural/unnatural look is totally in.Ask your stylist to dye your hair a natural color that can seamlessly blend with your natural root color. It'll totally give you a natural look that you will love!

Looking to do something to make you shine? Go Sunny Side Up!

Everyone loves going blonder as the temperature rises. Ask your stylist to start with a golden blonde base and to add baby blonde highlights toward the ends of your hair. 

Want to rebel and go darker? Chocolate brown is in too.

Going chocolate brown will definitely make your hair look rich and keep the heads turning. Because, honestly, who doesn't love chocolate?

Be hot. Be bold. Go red.

There are tons of redheads killing it in media this spring (I mean, have you seen how awesome Emma Stone is in La La Land). We think you could kill it as a redhead too this spring!

If none of these trends work out for you, go high impact platinum/white hot and call it a day.

This is definitely for the person looking to make a statement at the beach this spring, and we're loving this look.

Or are you looking to chop some hair off?

Try a medium length chopped hair with blunt ends that has been slightly textured. This look is definitely a fun look for the spring, and will look gorgeous in your Easter dresses. 

Are you looking for something shorter?

This sleek assymetrical bob look will keep you looking professional and gorgeous!

Do you have really thick hair?

Heavy fringe with lots of layers looks great on girls with thick hair! And we definitely think this could be some of our Beaute's best friend this spring!

We cannot wait to see what looks all of our Beaute's will be rocking this spring!